C4 Education

If your first choice wasn’t the best choice for you, we will help you identify and apply for colleges that better suit your needs. Our college transfer counselling has helped hundreds of students receive admission to their right fit school. The transfer process can be challenging for students. From researching the best fit college to consulting advisors and comparing different colleges to transferring credits and more, these challenges can all add up to their hassles.

That said, they can have a smooth transition from their college to another college through C⁴ that enables them to find transfer-friendly colleges within minutes while saving them thousands of dollars.

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If you have decided to transfer to another college, the process is simple but careful planning is key. The most crucial part is finding an expert who can help transfer credit for a seamless transfer. Partnerships and agreements between colleges may vary and come in different forms. While some schools offer general education courses or core curriculum classes, others provide program-to-program agreements in areas such as liberal arts, business, or science. Some may even cover an entire two years of study.

As a student considering student degree enrolment and transfer, you should also choose a school that offers counselling and guidance to help you make the right academic and career choices.